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Personal Training Services: what to expect for your individual or corporate needs?

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Meeting Your Personal Training Needs!

As our personalities differ so do our personal training needs.

There are a variety of solutions currently being offered online from auto-generated weekly workouts to personalized workouts created by trainers who interact with their clients on a regular basis via email or live instant messaging.

If it is just the basic information that you need, subscribing to a service that simply provides you with a weekly workout may be the right fit for you.

Most of the service providers have some means of assessment to provide you with a starting workout based on your fitness level, so it is important to answer these questions honestly in order to receive the workout that most closely fits your needs.

You are sent exercise plans on a regular basis and expected to follow them on your own.

These programs are designed to meet the needs of those people who are motivated to work out and simply need a plan to keep them on target from week to week.

For those who truly want to keep the “personal” in personal trainer, some service providers offer the additional option of having direct interaction with a trainer on the spot.

How much interaction you receive often depends on the level of service plan that you choose, however, almost all provide a cheaper option to the traditional approach to personal training.

If you’ve ever asked a personal trainer for their rates and gone into immediate sticker shock, you’re not alone. The current, average rate for a certified and experienced personal trainer is usually $70-$150 per hour.

Online personal training services, like many internet service offerings, are discounted because businesses are able to service a much larger customer base with less overhead. The automated programs are obviously the cheapest option because they require no actual human interaction.

Actual human interaction can be very invaluable to helping you achieve your fitness goals!

If you want the customization and one-on-one guidance of a personal trainer so that you have someone on your side as you work toward your goals, we are offering you an extended service that gives you access to a live person.

And if you are organizing corporate fitness programs for the well being of your staffs, we have experienced coaches who can help you do all the planning and customize a good, fun, interesting workout session that will promote teamwork amongst your staffs at the same time.

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