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What to look for in a Personal Trainer?

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What to Look for in a Personal Trainer

Finding a personal trainer can seem like a daunting task. In such a large area it might seem impossible to locate the right person for you; but it does not need to be.

Certification and Education

It is very important that your trainer be certified by a reputable fitness organization. Check the website or ask for information about the certifying organization.

Your trainer should also be certified in CPR, first aid, etc.


In addition to education it is wise to choose someone with experience, particularly if you have specific goals or health issues you wish to address. Each trainers are different, due to their personal backgrounds. Find someone who is trustworthy, always on time for classes, and of good character.

Some trainers are real athletes themselves, and common sense will tell you that true athletes (who competed in their chosen sport nationally and internationally) are usually people who are of strong characters; they are usually very disciplined, someone who understand teamwork, stand by their words, of great determination and perseverance, and usually are great role models themselves. Athletes are usually people who are passionate about fitness and keeping fit, and are motivated to inspire other people in fitness!


Personality is a very subjective factor in who you will select; but it is one of the most important. You are looking for someone who will inspire you and motivate you to continue with your fitness program.

It is vital that this person is not someone who is intimidating or even irritating.

If you do not like your trainer you will not develop the give and take needed to form a productive team. Your trainer should be a good listener and give you their full attention while during your sessions if you go for 1-1.

At times they will even take the initiative to pace together with you in your workouts. This will greatly motivate you to complete the workout they have planned for you.

He or she should be focused on you, not answering phone calls or chatting with others. Your trainer should be aware of your personal style, some people respond to a drill sergeant approach, but many others prefer firm but patient guidance.

Warning signs

As you begin working with your trainer keep in mind that you are the client.

You should be concerned if your trainer ignores or dismisses your questions or neglects any part of a complete program. He or she should not work you too hard. A little muscle soreness is expected but you should not be in real pain or fatigue.

A personal trainer should never diagnose injuries or illness, but should refer you to a doctor.

Taking action

Finding a personal trainer in Singapore should not be as daunting as it may seem. Start locally, ask questions, educate yourself on the proper credentials, look at reviews on web sites and find a partner who will motivate you and inspire you to your best health and wellness!

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Bob Greene, Oprah’s personal trainer in Chicago, was credited with helping her lose 90 pounds and, best of all, with keeping it off!

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One of the fastest growing trends in health and fitness today is the use of personal trainers.

Even icons of American culture like Oprah have joined the trend with tremendous results.

Bob Greene, Oprah’s personal trainer in Chicago, was credited with helping her lose 90 pounds and, best of all, with keeping it off.

What is a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer acts as a partner who can help you set up a fitness program that meets your personal wellness goals.

He or she informs you on the best exercises for your needs, keeps you motivated and tracks your progress. Many people fail to see results from their workouts because, without guidance, they are staying in their comfort level, using the same equipment and exercises over and over.

A personal trainer will push you to try new things and tailor your work out to fit your personal goals.

A good personal trainer will assess your physical abilities and discuss your goals before creating an exercise program.

Once created, he or she will train you on each exercise and piece of equipment, ensuring that you are using proper form and technique, thus ensuring faster and better results from your efforts.

Sticking with an exercise program can be difficult. There are always excuses not to go to the gym, so having someone else vested in your success is a great source of motivation.

You know that your time will be well spent because you will be correctly performing your exercises. You may be financially motivated not to miss appointments and thereby lose the cost of a session.

Accountability to your trainer will also inspire you to succeed, as a good trainer will monitor your progress and share in your setbacks and your triumphs.

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Personal Training Services: what to expect for your individual or corporate needs?

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Meeting Your Personal Training Needs!

As our personalities differ so do our personal training needs.

There are a variety of solutions currently being offered online from auto-generated weekly workouts to personalized workouts created by trainers who interact with their clients on a regular basis via email or live instant messaging.

If it is just the basic information that you need, subscribing to a service that simply provides you with a weekly workout may be the right fit for you.

Most of the service providers have some means of assessment to provide you with a starting workout based on your fitness level, so it is important to answer these questions honestly in order to receive the workout that most closely fits your needs.

You are sent exercise plans on a regular basis and expected to follow them on your own.

These programs are designed to meet the needs of those people who are motivated to work out and simply need a plan to keep them on target from week to week.

For those who truly want to keep the “personal” in personal trainer, some service providers offer the additional option of having direct interaction with a trainer on the spot.

How much interaction you receive often depends on the level of service plan that you choose, however, almost all provide a cheaper option to the traditional approach to personal training.

If you’ve ever asked a personal trainer for their rates and gone into immediate sticker shock, you’re not alone. The current, average rate for a certified and experienced personal trainer is usually $70-$150 per hour.

Online personal training services, like many internet service offerings, are discounted because businesses are able to service a much larger customer base with less overhead. The automated programs are obviously the cheapest option because they require no actual human interaction.

Actual human interaction can be very invaluable to helping you achieve your fitness goals!

If you want the customization and one-on-one guidance of a personal trainer so that you have someone on your side as you work toward your goals, we are offering you an extended service that gives you access to a live person.

And if you are organizing corporate fitness programs for the well being of your staffs, we have experienced coaches who can help you do all the planning and customize a good, fun, interesting workout session that will promote teamwork amongst your staffs at the same time.

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The best personal trainer is one who sees the progress and works to see those little successes turn into major lifestyles changes!

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A fitness trainer will create a health and exercise plan that will then be monitored for progress. By having someone holding us accountable, the potential for success is greatly increased.

While we’re on the subject of success, we should also practice what we preach and enforce the same type of healthy choice lifestyle on the rest of the family.

Seriously, here are a few ideas that can help get all of us and our families back into some shape other than “round”.

1) Explain the difference between healthy and not so healthy food choices but DO NOT NAG.

The idea is to make better choices most of the time not be perfect!

2) Prepare healthy meals. Quit the burger and taco runs and calling that dinner. One of the biggest problems with our diets isn’t that we eat to much but that it’s the wrong kind of foods. And those wrong kind of foods are in most cases sold by corporate conglomerates looking for profits not a healthy customer.

A personal fitness trainer can go a long way to helping with ideas like these. Interview trainers and look for one that’s not interested in changing your world overnight.

Seriously, the best personal trainer is one who sees the progress and works to see those little successes turn into major lifestyles changes!

Hiring a personal trainer

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Everyone can use some help losing weight at times. Fortunately, the diet and fitness industry has boomed in popularity, so there is no longer a stigma in asking for professional assistance with weight loss.

Now you can hire your own private chef, nutritionist, or personal trainer to assist you with all aspects of losing weight. Each trainers have their own specific expertise, so think about exactly what you need to change before hiring an expert for help you losing weight.

If you belong to a gym, consider hiring a personal trainer for help losing weight.

A professional trainer can eaisly create an individualized fitness plan for you. Trainers are often familiar with the latest equipment in the gym and can show you new exercises that you were not aware of.

Scheduling a regular commitment with a personal trainer may also help you stick to a workout plan.

It’s one thing to get lazy and let yourself slide on a solo workout, it’s quite another to skip an appointment you paid good money to have.

Even if you do not wish to spend money on sessions with a trainer, the gym can be a good place to look for help losing weight.

You may be able to find a workout partner who can spot heavy weights for you and help keep you motivated. Look around the gym when you work out and see if you notice anyone who seems to be there at the same time every week.

They most likely have a schedule that is compatible with yours and would make a good candidate for a workout partner.

You do not want to make major changes in your schedule just to fit in a gym workout. The more you can fit your new healthy lifestyle into your existing daily routine, the more it will help losing weight.

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