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The weight loss journey: what to do when you have weight loss stoppage?

June 15th, 2015 § 0 comments


Certain patterns can cause weight loss stoppage! There are times on your weight loss journey when progress can come to a halt. Days or weeks can go by without you seeing movement on the scale, and it can get downright frustrating.

Ask yourself, are you eating more than you think you are? Most of us underestimate the volume of food we eat (and consequently, underestimate the number of calories we consume in a day).

By fixing in your head what a serving size of food looks like, we can better estimate (and consequently, evaluate and calibrate) the amount of food we eat at each meal. Keep in mind, when it comes to weight loss, you need to take in less calories than you burn each day.

Helpful tips:

A portion of meat (3 oz.) is the size of a deck of cards.

A portion of carbohydrates (1 cup) is the size of a tennis ball.

Please remember to fill up on non-starchy vegetables as they are full of nutrients, have very little impact on blood sugar, and contain little in the way of calories.

In addition, ask yourself, are you not eating frequently enough?

It is a social custom to eat 3 square meals a day. While this may do for social purposes, for weight loss, you will want to aim for more frequent feedings. It is recommended that you consume a minimum of 5-6 small meals each day. By doing so, your body gets the signal that food is abundant, and there is no need to conserve energy.

Additionally, frequent feedings maximize your metabolism! Your body will be constantly busy, burning calories by digesting your meals. By not letting too much time pass between meals, you stabilize blood sugar levels since they never really get the chance to drop. By keeping your blood sugar stable, your hunger levels are minimized, decreasing the chances that you will be tempted to overeat at your next meal.

And do not forget to discipline yourself, make it a habit to come for your regular CrossFit workouts!

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The weight loss journey: what to do when you have weight loss stoppage?
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